During my time with the FB holden, the petrol stations around Melbourne had coin-in-the-slot petrol bowsers, so we were able to fill up at any time, day or night, providing we had a few "florins" (two shilling pieces) with us. for this reason, there were usually about five of these in the ash-tray for emergency use.

One night, my friend Arno and I were driving on the Mornington Peninsula, just for the joy of the ride when we noticed we were about to run out of petrol. We drove on, watching the petrol gauge anxiously while looking for a "self-serve" and at last, to our relief we spotted one.

We pulled in, and saw that the bowser gauge still showed about twenty cents worth of petrol to be used from the last user. Not sure whether this would be lost if we just inserted our money, we placed the nozzle in the tank and started to use up the dregs first.

The petrol just kept coming and coming, and eventually the tank was full. I had an empty twelve-gallon drum in the back, so we filled this too – and we still hadn’t put any money in the slot!

Then I placed the hose back on the bowser, and as I came back around the car I saw a sign hanging on the back of the bowser: "Out Of Order". I guess this was officially theft, but we quietly got in the car and drove home with our ill-gotten goods.

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